Stepping Stones

Are you seriously a good esports player but still no pro…..but you want to become a pro?
Let us be your stepstones!

There are many seriously good esport players all over the world. Players who want to become an esports pro but struggle to manage so far.

Why is that?

Because you miss a steady team of players, the players are constantly switching teams? The costs are too high for you to join a vast amount of leagues and tournaments? Or is it because you have no brand supporting you yet?

Looking for a (semi) professional organization?

VLEX can fix that for you!


Your profile

  • You’re seriously a good esport player
  • Eager, dedicated and motivated to get into the pro-scene
  • Searching for a steady team and organization

What we offer:

  • We put you in the spotlights!
  • We offer you our brand, you (or your team) can play under the name of VLEX
  • We sponsor some teams and individual players
    Now don’t think we sponsor billions of dollars (not yet) but through our sponsors, we offer some teams and individual players the opportunity to lower their costs:

    • Subscription to leagues and tournaments
    • Contributions (FaceIT, Esea)
    • Hosting for dedicated team game-servers
    • As mentioned: Branding
  • Team management
    For some teams, we act as team-managers so you can concentrate on the thing you’re really good at: gaming!

Currently, we are scouting for:

  • CSGO teams
  • Fortnite teams
  • Content creators
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